Who we are

European School of Acupuncture

The European School of Acupuncture was born after 20 years of teaching courses nationally and internationally. Being aware of European needs and requirements, we provide acupuncture courses with the highest quality of teaching. We rely on the dissemination of effective techniques and fast results, related to Traditional Chinese Medicine, MTC. The teaching of acupuncture and other subjects, also owes its success to well-prepared teachers. Our teachers are pedagogically trained and have great teaching experience.

Our philosophy of teaching pursues the goal of: training the student and also thinking about the patient. Most schools focus on technique and student satisfaction. We decided to focus on the person experiencing the therapy, so that the patient who receives treatment has the best possible care, techniques and ethics. This ensures that the students will be well trained and will see results in consultation. We have hundreds of endorsements from satisfied students. (quoting a couple).

Simple, effective and fast-performing techniques

The European School of Acupuncture moved to Switzerland in 2016 and is currently waiting for recognition as a school in this country, and form its own identity or name, within the company ESCarrion Milan, registered in the Swiss Chamber of Commerce with the Registration: CHE-268.827.166 dedicated to the teaching of Acupuncture both face-to-face and On-line.

Personal journey.
My name is Josep Carrion, and I have dedicated myself exclusively to the natural therapies, especially TCM, for more than 25 years. When I was just a child, I liked to play piano for family and neighbours, though during my teenager years I replaced the ivory keys with basketball. I soon became a coach as well (I held the title of Senior Coach, equivalent to Technical Superior in Sports Education) and was a physical trainer for about 10 years. Increasingly attracted to the world of health, Therapeutic Massage, Physiotherapy and nursing I decided to get 100% involved and open my own consultation in the centre of Barcelona. My years as a very active athlete, including martial arts, magnetically attracted me to the field of Traditional Chinese Medicine. I was especially interested in its most classic part, with years of Qi Gong practice and courses with teachers whom I considered "masters of tradition ". Disenchanted by the results of acupuncture against my expectations, I was encouraged to travel abroad and learn the most effective techniques from the best teachers I could find (it was an honour to learn from doctors Yamamoto, Birch, Young, Tan, Wang, Carson, Robidoux, Boël, etc.). I started my courses of Wrist and Ankle Acupuncture, which I decided to call Zonal Acupuncture (http://www.hispanoeuropea.com/acupuntura-zonal-dvd-9788425519888) which was unknown in Europe at the time.  Later came the courses of Suction Cup Application


Our motto

Thinking about the patient in order to guarantee your clinical excellence.

You can find us in: Rathausstrasse 24, 4410-Liestal/ Switzerland
For post communications send them to de Company address: E.S. Carrion Milan, Ergolzstrasse 44/4414 - Füllinsdorf/Basel Ld.